Piper Black


A fully custom build on Laravel, a PHP framework. AirMap provides drone owners with a comprehensive, interactive, and accurate map of regulated and safe airspace. See also: http://sdk.airmap.io for a custom developer kit with demos using the AirMap API, and http://www.airmap.io for the public-facing site built on Wordpress.


Codeur takes action to bring more women to the web. It is a prototype for a community of girl programmers around a set of online courses that offer real-world incentives through an interactive teaching model. The project-based mission is to fuel girls' interest in tech, teach them skills & techniques, and give them the confidence necessary to navigate a traditionally masculine environment.


TBWA\Code Camp was Chiat Day's answer to Codeur, Piper’s BFA thesis at Parsons. The concept aims to give local girls the confidence and technical skills they need to follow their creative dreams.


An API built from scratch that allows Chef’d to maintain and scale their complex ordering system -- allowing users to have famous recipes with premium ingredients delivered to them on a regular basis.

Zenni Optical

A customized Wordpress theme built with the Genesis framework and Bronto API.

Ivy Coach

A complexly custom Wordpress theme with an admin tool that gives Ivy Coach the ability to customize the design, structure, and content of their site on a page by page basic.

LOLrem Ipsum

LOLrem Ipsum uses words from all your favorite memes as well as the LOL Cat dictionary (yes that exists). After entering in how many paragraphs you need, LOLrem Ipsum generates a block of filler text for you to use on your current project. Just make sure your client or boss is meme-saavy before you present your mocks.